Brand Evolution - EVOLVE Functional Fitness

When a brand has a name that matches its mission, your choices for graphic representation narrow significantly. The name itself carries the entire brand, not needing a symbolic brand mark to tell its story. Yet the graphic treatment can still support the message, and that is how a simple gradient can powerfully translate the clear goals of a new kind of fitness centre. To EVOLVE is self explanatory, it conveys so much more than getting fitter, or losing weight or training for an event, even having fun with your kids, it suggest transformation, that your life will be forever altered when you trust us with your fitness journey. From a typographical standpoint this word is near perfect. The mirroring of the first 2 and last 2 letters flank the entire word making it fully balanced, looking so clean in a sans serif font, nothing can jar the eye. a little nudge of the kerning and it is very pleasing to look at.

This leaves the colour to complete the story. As many designers are aware gradients can be very tricky to execute in print, so we are trained to avoid them in many cases, but you can't ignore the very nature of a gradient is to "evolve". I tackled the devilish tricks of a gradient by bypassing the technological aspects altogether and used the letters themselves in individual colours to ascend from light to bold. This can make the print elements expensive as you are now looking at a 6 colour logo, but in today's digital world this only makes a difference in t-shirt printing where you pay by the colour.

The beauty of the word only logo is that it is still very impactful in one colour. An added bonus of this word "EVOLVE" is that it actually has the word "LOVE" inside it, which also helps tell the story of using fitness to be part of your journey to self-love which is fundamental to the evolve process. So we made sure the word was highlighted within, an added brand secret waiting to be revealed. To expand the graphic portfolio beyond the logo I added a gradient border to compliment the name treatment and to add further brand recognition to a new company that is about to launch. Look out for a brand Launch in late fall 2017.

The brand platform is flexible enough to accommodate brand extensions, the overall impact is very colourful and positive.

A big thank you to my most excellent client and friend Tangerine Curry-Dinnick, for her unwavering trust in me and for revealing her deepest motivations and passion for her project. We have been side by side working to make sure that this brand serves her vision and inspires many walks of life to Evolve to their best selves with her loving guidance. Look forward to "feeling the love" when your doors open!