Nicky Saddleton


Nicky Saddleton has a unique talent for seeking clarity in her client’s visions. Her proven, brand clarification process is a deep dive to extract the authentic qualities that form the unique brand platforms, that enable her clients to stand out from their competitors. Connecting owners emotionally to their own brands and in turn inspiring their audience to emotionally connect.

As a UK award winning designer Nicky Saddleton has been producing world-class design in The Bahamas for over 20 years, and has also won several international awards for design and creativity for Bahamian brands. 


Her strengths lie in her dedication to understanding her clients’ needs before she embarks into the design process. Nicky is as comfortable strategising as she is designing.


Born in London, UK, Nicky brings a wealth of experience from the British advertising industry, yet has refined her talent in The Bahamas. From retail to finance, Nicky has 

creatively collaborated in numerous types of industries, including education, healthcare, financial services, retail, insurance, law, telecommunications and real estate, with a drive for success and a passion for creativity.


Nicky also believes in using her talents to support her community and has donated her skills and time to help develop brands for The Ranfurly Home for Children, The Bahamas Down Syndrome Centre, The Bahamas AIDS Foundation, The Cancer Caring Centre, BREEF, RABL (Raising Awareness of The Bahamas Landfill) and The Meah Foundation.